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Celebrating The Success of The Packages Shopping Festival

Lahore truly witnessed and celebrated the most festive time of the year 2022 with the season’s biggest shopping festival at Packages Mall that had planned thirty days of exciting and engaging activities, exclusive offers, and competitions and some fabulous discounts on all your favorite brands. So, each and every one of you who came with their family and friends, and became a part of this stupendous event of the year made the Packages Shopping Festival one of the grandest highlights of the year that will be remembered!

Here’s what happened…

As promised, the Packages Shopping Festival delivered a range of fun activities, musical evenings along with the presence of your favourite content creators and influencers so everyone could experience this fabulous time. From having interactive sessions with teams from SCAFA, which is one of the leading culinary schools in Pakistan to participation in a variety of daily game shows/competitions with some amazing gifts in return, the Packages Shopping Festival also arranged musical performances by international pop sensation, Kamaliya, the rhythmic beats of Quadrum, Shah’s, Mutation and the All Girls Band, to keep you all enthralled and entertained throughout.

Moreover, to make the Packages Shopping Festival all the more meaningful, we were ecstatic to know that so many of you became a part of the GRAND LUCKY DRAW that took place on December 28, 2022, and now we’re riveted and eager to reveal the lucky winner who just might win the new MG HS!

And that’s just not all…

The Packages Shopping Festival ended the year 2022 on a high note with a supremely magical and energy-packed performance by none other than ATIF ASLAM, who gave an astounding display of his delightful vocals LIVE, to a crowd that was filled with people from all age groups in Packages Mall on December  30, 2022.

Now how’s that for a bombshell?!”

Celebrating The Success of The Package Shopping Festival

So, head over to everyone’s favourite mall and become a part of the year-round festivities and ring in the New Year by looking forward to new hopes when we transition from winter to spring, because the glorious new season will have some fabulous surprises in store just for you at Packages Mall!

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