Friday, December 1, 2023

Celebrating World Singles Day 11.11 the Right Way

Initially conceived as a day to celebrate being single, World Singles Day has evolved into a colossal global shopping event, rivaling the famed Black Friday in the United States. This day, marked for embracing independence, has become a spirited occasion for self-gifting, making it the world’s largest online shopping extravaganza. Also known as Double 11 (11.11), this event originated in 1993 at China’s Nanjing University as a counterpoint to Valentine’s Day. It has since transcended borders, gaining popularity worldwide as a day to celebrate and indulge in one’s single status. Singles’ Day now stands not just as a celebration of independence, but as a global embrace of self-love and self-care through retail therapy.

Celebrating this year’s 11.11, onic, the first-of-its-kind Pakistani digital telecom brand has taken center stage by launching a new offer celebrating the day with singles across the nation. Ever since its launch, onic has been making waves in the telecom sector by committing to digital innovation, affordability, and cutting-edge technology, things that position it to be the preferred choice for the younger generation of mobile users and digital streamers. The new offer allows users a limited time frame to purchase a 15GB package, which gives 500 all-network calling minutes and 500 SMS.

Ordering a new onic sim is very simple, all you need to do is download the onic App or visit, sign up with your email ID, browse from their available plans, select the plan most suited to you, select whether you want a physical SIM or the eSIM, and finish the process by providing all relevant details and completing the payment online. Within 24 hours, a rider will show up at your address and complete your biometric verification, making you an official member of onic.

As we navigate the ever-changing terrain of the digital world, onic is proving that they shrewdly understand how to shape it. By tapping into World Singles Day, the digital telco cleverly places its finger on the cultural pulse. This isn’t just about jumping on a global shopping bandwagon but also about reshaping what we expect from our telecom providers. By doing more than just selling SIM cards; the digital telco is integrating their brand offerings into the fabric of our digital lives. It’s a savvy move, showing that onic isn’t just keeping up with the times – they’re a step ahead, redefining convenience and innovation in the telecom world.

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