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Changan Alsvin 2023 Price in Pakistan – Specs, Features and Variants

Changan has been the 4th largest automobile company working in Pakistan for years and always provides products with promising features and specifications. Changan Alsvin SUV price in Pakistan is affordable. It is available in all large cities of Pakistan and has three years of warranty.

Alsvin 2023 has amazing features at affordable prices, that’s why it is competing with existing Sedans and hatchbacks models in Pakistan. from the statistics, it has been noticed that it comes in the list of best-selling cars of 2021.

Changan Alsvin Engine uses the technology known as In-Line 4-cylinder MPFI DOHC. it’s design contains headlamps of dual-beam halogen that are projected and levelled with the help of levelling device and allows to drive and work in foggy and rainy weather.

Changan Alsvin Features

It has many features for the users to make their drive adorable with comfort and safety, but some of them may vary depending upon their variant. Some of them are described below.

Performance and Milage

Changan Alsvin’s performance and fuel economy features are amazing and aspiring. It provides the milage of 14 Km per liter. The Changan Alsvin is almost 180 Km to 200 Km per hour, but it may vary depending upon the driving conditions.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort and safety are the two important features necessary for a safe and pleasing drive. It includes dual airbags, entertainment features, and many more for comfort. It also consists of 3-point seat belts for all the passengers with ISOFIX.

Changan Alsvin offers you safety features by including the system known as an auto door lock. While driving, you can switch on or off the system for door locking in safety.

Changan Alsvin Interior

Changan Alsvin Interior

Changan Alsvin’s interior design is attractive and heart-touching. It makes you awaken with exciting and positive energy as its interior is full of new and innovative technology. Some of the Changan Alsvin interior features and components details are given below.


Changan Alsvin has beautiful multifunctional steering. Its steering contains the functionalities to control multimedia, cruise, and phone calls. These features provide convenience to the users at their fingertips. The cruise control enables the user to control the speed of your car without accessing the cruise system.

Meter Cluster

The meter cluster also looks beautiful and ensures safety by providing information to the user if any door is open or a need to refuel.

Center Console and touch screen display

A capitative center console is also present in the interior that is placed at centric interior. Its purpose is to ensure that all functions are within reach of the user. Also, a seven-inch touch screen display is available that includes the control of door locks, DRL, AC, etc.


The Changan Alsvin seats are very comfortable and beautiful, made of plush synthetic leather with ivory beige color, which gives it an amazing look. Also, the seat design is inspiring and attractive.

Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

The other feature included in its interior is the TPMS, known as tire pressure monitoring system, which provides information about the tire pressure leakage and flat tire data to ensure a safe drive.

Some other interior features are the following.

  • It contains a front central arm set.
  • It contains the audio control on the steering mounted.
  • The manual air conditioner is also available in its models.
  • It also includes the reading lights.

Changan Alsvin Exterior

Changan Alsvin Exterior

The exterior of Changan Alsvin is aesthetic and attractive with a decent, dynamic, and streamed body design. The features included in it make it more attractive, for example, the lenticular headlights and eye-catching running daylights LED’s. It also includes electrically controllable outside mirrors with side repeaters.

The overall exterior design of Changan Alsvin is outstanding, providing extraordinary feelings to its users. The Changan Alsvin car exterior contains the following features.

Side Mirror

Changan Alsvin has a heated and wide ORVM side mirror integrated with the turn signal. It is used for power-adjustable function and heater defroster to provide clear vision in rainy, foggy, or cyclones weather.

Day Running Lamp (DRL)

Changan Alsvin has DRL; a seven-matrix LED curved lamp with bright white light. DRL works on a sunny day.

Rear Lamp

The Rear lamp is designed for foggy weather to maximize safe driving. In low visibility conditions, especially in fog, a rear lamp helps make your car visible to other people to avoid any accident.

Exterior body Design

Changan’s Exterior design is attractive and inspiring. It holds the crumple zones that absorb the force on the exterior and maximize the safety of the passengers.

Changan Alsvin Variants

Changan Alsvin Variants

Changan Alsvin comes in three variants: Changan Alsvin comfort 1.37L MT, comfort 1.5L DCT, and Lumiere 1.5L DCT. These variants are described below.

Changan Alsvin comfort 1.37L BlueCore

Changan Alsvin comfort 1.37L BlueCore contains all the basic features that a car should hold. It supports 5-speed manual transmission. The performance and power features are also similar to the other variants.

Changan Alsvin Comfort 1.5L BlueCore

Changan Alsvin 1.5L DCT has all the standard features as Changan Alsvin 1.37L has. But it has torque and power 105 Hp and 145 Nm, respectively. Also, the engine’s displacement in Changan Alsvin comfort 1.5L DCT has 1480 cc.

Changan Alsvin Lumiere 1.5L BlueCore

Changan Alsvin Lumiere 1.5L has all basic features and specifications similar to Changan Alsvin Comfort 1.5L DCT, such as engine displacement, power, torque, etc., but it also includes other useful features and specifications.

For example, Changan Alsvin Lumiere has sunroof features, start-stop technology, cruise control, and a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). 

Changan Alsvin Specifications

Changan Alsvin SUV specifications for all three variants are given below.

Comfort 1.37LComfort 1.5LLumiere 1.5L
Type and technology1.37L Blue core with in-line 4-cylinder MPFI DOHC1.5L Blue core with in-line 4-cylinder MPFI DOHC1.5L Blue core with in-line 4-cylinder MPFI DOHC
Displacement1370 cc1480 cc1480 cc
Power99 Hp105 Hp105 Hp
Torque135 Nm145 Nm145 Nm
TransmissionManual 5-speed5 Speed Dual Clutch5 Speed Dual Clutch
Length4390 mm4390 mm4390 mm
Width1725 mm1725 mm1725 mm
Height1468 mm1468 mm1468 mm
Wheelbase2535 mm2535 mm2535 mm
Type of FuelPetrolPetrolPetrol
Tank capacity (Ltr)404040
Exterior Specifications
Wheel185/55 R15185/55 R15185/55 R15
Front Aluminum grillChromeChromeChrome
Door Handle ColorSimilar to body colorSimilar to body colorSimilar to body color
Halogen HeadlamppresentpresentPresent
SunroofNot presentNot presentpresent
Other Features
Seating Capacity555
Start-Stop TechnologyNot presentNot presentpresent
Cruise ControlNot presentNot presentPresent
Seven-inch touch screenpresentPresentPresent
Power WindowsPresentPresentPresent
USB connectivityPresentPresentPresent
Speakers installPresentPresentPresent
Air ConditionerPresentPresentPresent
Synthetic leather seatsPresentPresentPresent
Power Supply (12 volts)PresentPresentPresent
Sensors for safe parkingPresentPresentPresent
Rear Parking CameraPresentPresentPresent
Air Bags (Dual)PresentpresentPresent
Tire pressure monitoring system Not presentNot presentpresent

Changan Alsvin Colors

Nowadays, everyone wants the car they own to be of their favorite color. Changan fulfills this desire of its users by providing amazing colors choices. So, the buyer can choose their favorite color for the car they want to purchase. Changan Alsvin colors availability in 2023 count is six. These colors are listed below.

  • Steller white
  • Cosmic Red
  • Galaxy Black
  • Lunar Silver
  • Space Gray
  • Nebula Blue

Changan Alsvin Availability in Pakistan in 2023

Changan Alsvin is available in Pakistan in 2023. Suppose you want to explore it and see it or know more details about this SUV. In that case, you should visit the Changan dealer store available in all big cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Karachi, Quetta, etc.

You can also visit the online stores and determine the features and functionalities that Changan Alsvin in 2023 supports.

Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan

Changan Alsvin 2023 price in Pakistan are reasonable and affordable compared to the features and specifications powered and supported by it. The Changan Alsvin 2023prices for all its variants are given below.

Changan Alsvin Price in Pakistan
Comfort 1.37L 5-Speed MTPKR 4,149,000
Comfort 1.5L DCT ATPKR 4,699,000
Lumiere 1.5L DCT ATPKR 4,999,000

Changan Alsvin Competitors

Changan Alsvin Competitors

The major competitors of Changan Alsvin are Toyota Yaris, Proton Saga, Suzuki Ciaz, Honda City, and Hyundai Accent & MG5.


Changan Alsvin 2023 is available in 3 different variants: comfort MT, Comfort DCT, and Lumiere DCT. The main difference in all three variants is the change in standard specifications and features they include. Therefore, you should check the list of features and specifications of each variant while purchasing it to determine which suits you best.

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