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Honda 125 2023 Price in Pakistan – Models, Specs, Features, and Everything

Honda is a big company in the vertical market that launches cars, motorcycles, and bikes. Many motorcycles are available in Pakistan and are considered in the list of best motorcycles. The popular motorbikes of Honda are Honda Pride 100 cc, Honda CD 70, and Honda 125 cc. It has now introduced Honda 125 models with a new price in Pakistan.

In this article, you will learn about Honda 125 prices, its models, and specifications. You will also get to know about the fuel economy of Honda 125 2023 and its special edition 2023.

Honda 125 Models

Likewise, each year, Honda has introduced new motorcycles models for the year 2023 to surprise its customers. Honda 125 models such as Honda 125 special edition 2023 and Honda CG 125 2023 have come on the market.

These models provide amazing experiences and features to their users. Each model with its features and specifications is described in the below sections.  

Honda 125 Special Edition

After the launch of Honda 125, Honda has launched its advanced model known as Honda 125 special edition 2023. Honda 125 special edition price in Pakistan exists in the high price range. Its price is different as compared to the previous Honda models.

Honda 125 special edition offers the customers a self-start option. So, the customer who didn’t like the kick start option for bikes can comfortably and easily avail self-start option.

This special edition is also known as self-start model 2023. The reason is that the Honda 125 special edition provides the users the experience of self-start without the kick. However, the Kick start option is also available for the users.

Honda 125 special edition


Honda 125 self-start 2023 uses Euro 2nd standard motor innovated technology that delivers 11 pulls. Also, the fuel utilization positioning of the new Honda model 125 2023 uses an immediate infusion framework. This technology provides a smooth motorcycle running experience and conveys first-rate execution.

Engine performance

Honda 125 special edition uses the same engine as Honda 125. Some customers suggest that its engine capacity should be increased and therefore, it should be replaced with better ones. But still, it is holding the previous engine. However, its engine has another option known as the self-start for its customers.

Engine Oil Capacity

Honda company has launched Honda oil for the Honda customers. Its engine requires 1-liter of oil. 

Fuel Average

Honda 125 special edition fuel average economy is good. It uses petrol for fuel. From the different sources, it is known that it has a fuel mileage of 35 Km to 45 Km in one liter of fuel. Some companies are selling replicas that are fake and have less fuel economy. Therefore, before you buy, you should once check its fuel economy.

Colors Availability

Choice of color for vehicle gives another pleasure to the customer. Honda 125 special edition offers two colors available in Pakistan. Customers can choose between red and black colors.


Honda company is fulfilling the demands of its users and is continuously improving its models. Some of the Honda specifications are similar to the previous Honda models, but some are updated. You can check Honda 125 special edition specifications in the below table.

Type of Engine4-stroke OHV and cooled
Starting optionKick start Self-start
Displacement124 cc
Type of transmissionFive-speed
Torque9 Nm
Bore56.5 mm
Stroke49.5 mm
Performance75000 rpm
Compression ratio9:1
Maximum Speed100 Km per hour
Power11 Hp at 8500 RPM
Type of ClutchConstant Mesh
Length1912 mm
Height1029 mm
Width727 mm
Weight (dry)108 Kg
Size of wheel18 inches
Type of FuelPetrol
Average of Fuel35 to 45 Km per ltr
Capacity9.2 ltr

Honda CG 125 2023

Honda CG 125 is usually known as Honda 125 motorcycle manufactured by Japan. In its name, CG stands for “cash guarantee.” Honda CG was firstly manufactured in 1976 in Japan. But in Pakistan, its production was started in 1992 by Atlas Honda.

Honda CG 125 was released in October 2021. It uses a 4-stroke OHV and cooled engine that improves the performance of this bike. Not many changes have been made in its design and features from the previous model, but it is an improved model from the previous one. Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan is little more then its previous model.

Honda CG 125 2022


Honda CG 125 2023 provides a stylish and comfortable seat improved from the past models. Also, the driving experience of Honda CG 125 is good, but on the rough roads, it vibrates.

Engine Performance

If Honda CG 125 engine performance is considered, you should know that it pleases its riders. Its engine uses Euro II standard; however, no more changes in the engine are made from the previous Honda engine models.

Fuel Efficiency

Most of the customers want to know about the motorcycle’s fuel efficiency before buying it. It is known that Honda CG 125 consumes more fuel. But if you look at the previous Honda models, it is fuel-efficient.


Honda CG 125 2023 comes with an upgraded battery. Instead of a 6-volt battery, the Honda CG battery is 12 Volt. So, its battery is better than the formal motorcycles having 6- volt of battery. 

Honda CG 125 2023 new sticker

Honda CG 125 2023 sticker is different from the previous ones. This happens due to customer demands and continuous change in the design and style by the company, so that upgrade should be maintained.


Some of the Honda CG 125 specifications are listed below.

Type of Engine4-stroke OHV and cooled
Starting optionKick start
Displacement125 cc
Type of transmissionFour-speed at 7500 rpm
Torque9 Nm at 8500 rpm
Bore56.5 mm
Stroke49.5 mm
Compression ratio9:1
Maximum Speed100 Km per hour
Power11 Hp at 8500 RPM
Type of ClutchN/A
Length1912 mm
Height1026 mm
Width735 mm
Weight (dry)99 Kg
Size of wheel18 inches
Type of FuelPetrol
Average of Fuel35 to 45 Km per ltr
Capacity9.2 ltr

Pros and Cons of Honda CG 125 2023

Some of the Honda CG 125 2023 pros are given below.

  • Honda CG 125 2023 motorcycle parts are available in the Pakistani markets. If any of the parts get damaged, then you can repair them.
  • Customers have noticed the quick release and sound pros of Honda CG 125 2023.

Some of the customers have reported the following Honda 125 CG cons listed below.

  • On rough roads, it vibrates a lot which compromises comfort.

Colors Availability

Honda CG 125 offers colors choices to its customers that increase customers’ interest as they want the bike color of their choice. It provides three color choices to the customers: blue, black, and red.

Honda 125 2023 Availability in Pakistan

Honda 125 2023 is available in Pakistan. The customers can find it in all big cities of Pakistan, especially in Lahore, Multan, Sialkot, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, etc.

Honda 125 2023 is found in all Honda dealers stores of Pakistan. You can check it from the dealer’s stores. Just remember, some dealers are providing fake Honda 125 with poor fuel economy. So, before you buy, you must check it once.

Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

Honda 125 model’s prices in Pakistan are given in the below table. Their prices may a little bit vary such as 500 to 1000 on different dealer’s stores from district to district. If the price tag changes, it is updated on the relevant websites and dealer shops. The latest price of the Honda 125 is mentioned in a table

Honda 125 ModelsPrice in Pakistan
Honda 125 Special Edition PKR 275,900
Honda CG 125Rs. 229,900


Honda 125 2023 is available in two models: Honda CG 125 and Honda CG 125 special edition Honda 125 self-start. If we compare both models, the self-start model provides more efficient performance than the Honda CG 125 2023.

The price difference in Honda 125 2023 and Honda 125 special edition is also considerable. So, while buying Honda 125, you should decide which motorcycle suits you best according to the features and specifications.

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