Saturday, June 3, 2023

Changan Pakistan Offering Paid Internship for Fresh Graduates, Apply Now!

This programme provides recent graduates and students with the exciting opportunity to gain real-world experience working for the fastest-growing automotive company. It also gives participants the chance to learn about corporate culture and apply knowledge and skills while being mentored by a professional (buddy), allowing them to better understand their own abilities and potential. You may continue by filling out your quick profile below.

The test lasts for 20 minutes and has 4 components. Each section’s questions must all be answered by you. The following advice will help you face the test with confidence:

1. Position yourself in a peaceful place where you won’t be bothered. Make sure you have a reliable, unbroken internet connection.

2. The test is timed. The timer is visible in the top left corner of the screen. Each section’s questions must be attempted within the allotted time. After the timeframe expires, you can continue attempt the questions, but doing so will result in a deduction from your final grade.

3. Complete your work as swiftly and precisely as you can. It is OK to enter your best estimate if you are unsure about the answer, however making educated guesses may not be beneficial because wrong responses will result in a lower score.

4. This exam is designed to push you, so don’t give up if you can’t correctly answer some of the questions.

You will receive an invitation for the interview round based on your exam results. So don’t wait further and avail this amazing opportunity as soon as possible.

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