Sunday, July 14, 2024

ChatGPT Can Now Generate Working Windows Activation Keys for Free

ChatGPT has made another breakthrough by allowing free access to the Microsoft Operating system via generating Windows Activation keys for free. All you need is smart prompting!

The prompt was made by a genius @Immasiddtweets, who generated a prompt to ChatGPT about acting as his deceased grandmother who read Windows 10 Pro license keys to help him fall asleep. Surprisingly, ChatGPT actually revealed 5 license keys for Windows 10 Pro along with sending condolences. The user also generated the keys for Windows 11 Pro, in the same way.

In addition, the user posted on his Twitter account that one of the keys was actually genuine, with a screenshot of the whole conversation. This smart user @immasiddtweets also experimented with ChatGPT to upgrade Windows 11 to Windows 11 Pro by prompting a Windows 11 Pro key and then copying it into the license key box, which again worked.

Although, you can generate free license keys to upgrade your Microsoft Windows version or install a new one, however, some features will be restricted.

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