Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Shell Not Closing Business Or Laying Off Employees: Ishaq Dar

During a press conference on Saturday, the Financial Minister, Muhammad Ishaq Dar, made it clear that Shell has no plans to close its operations or lay off employees in Pakistan. He assured the workers that their jobs are secure and emphasized that business will continue as usual. Dar dismissed rumors and media reports about Shell’s future in the country, stating that these claims are baseless. He also mentioned that Shell is considering selling shares to another foreign investor. Dar emphasized that the identity of the investor is not important to Pakistan, as both would bring foreign investment. He stated that Shell has plans for expansion in other Asian countries, indicating that these developments are not linked to Pakistan’s economic conditions. Dar revealed that the government has been aware of these plans for several months, indicating that there is no need to worry. He also mentioned that the new investor may choose to keep the name “Shell” if they prefer.

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