Sunday, July 14, 2024

Chicken Prices Take a Dip of Rs 27 in 3 Days

In some relief for consumers, chicken prices across Punjab have declined for the third consecutive day. After surging to record highs last week, rates have steadily dropped over the last 3 days.

According to poultry traders, live chicken is now selling at Rs 332 per kg in wholesale markets of Lahore, down by Rs 8 from yesterday. Similarly, chicken meat prices have fallen to Rs 498 per kg, witnessing a Rs 12 drop. 

This takes the total reduction over 3 days to Rs 27 per kg. Apart from chicken, prices of eggs have also declined by Rs 18 per dozen, being sold at Rs 285 currently. 

The downward trend in rates is being attributed to the improved supply of chickens in wholesale markets. Last week’s inflated prices had been caused by reduced supply amidst high demand.

With prices in check for now, citizens can enjoy greater affordability of chicken and eggs which are dietary staples. However, poultry vendors have cautioned that rates could fluctuate at any time owing to volatility in production costs.

For now, consumers can rejoice in the cool down in chicken prices, though experts advise keeping a close eye on the long-term trends.

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