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Child Care Allowance: Vaival’s Commitment to Empowering Women in Tech Industry

In a world where the demands of a career and responsibilities of motherhood often feel like a delicate tightrope walk, finding balance becomes a challenge. Vaival Technologies – a leading tech company – understands the challenges that come with being a working mom.

Vaival has introduced a new initiative: the Child Care Allowance, as their way of saying “We are here for you”, to the fantastic women in the Vaival family.

The allowance is not about financial assistance, it is a promise to make the juggle of work and motherhood a bit easier. Vaival aims to foster an environment where women can thrive both professionally and in their personal life.

Hear directly from a fellow Vaival mom about this recent initiative.

“Vaival’s childcare allowance caught me by surprise, bringing genuine happiness. It shows that Vaival cares about the challenges of working moms like me. This thoughtful gesture feels like a big support, making things a lot more manageable” – Sara Khalid – Marketing Department

Vaival’s Values – Empowering Women, Nurturing Well-Being

The well-being and empowerment of women goes beyond professional growth – it encompasses physical and mental well-being too. The workplace initiatives at Vaival extend to promoting a healthy work-life balance, providing the support women need to thrive both in their careers and personal lives.

This is not the entirety of Vaival’s values.

Vaival promotes an environment where women’s voices are not only heard but valued, and their contributions are acknowledged and celebrated. The aim is to foster a culture where success isn’t just defined by career growth but also by the well-being and fulfillment of each individual.

Child Care and Vaival’s Commitment

The child care initiative is a deliberate step from Vaival towards breaking the barriers that often hinder the progress of working mothers. It is a testament to Vaival’s beliefs and values that supporting women’s professional journey goes hand-in-hand with acknowledging and easing the responsibilities they shoulder on the home front.

Beyond the numbers, the allowance reflects Vaival’s dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace, one where the diverse roles and responsibilities of women are recognized and valued.

Paid Maternity Leaves

Vaival Technologies understands the significance of those precious early moments in a new mother’s life. That is why the company offers 3 months paid maternity leave to their female employees, providing them with the time and support needed to embrace motherhood without the worry of work.

Employee Health and Well-Being

Not only does Vaival promote the empowerment of women, but at Vaival, the commitment reaches every corner of the diverse workforce. Recognizing that the well-being of all employees is paramount, the company conducts regular health and well-being sessions designed to support everyone in the family.

Vaival’s collaboration with Healthwire

Vaival has joined forces with Healthwire, to bring enriching well-being sessions for employees. Through this collaboration, the aim is to offer valuable support for the holistic health of every Vaival family member.

The company has organized impactful well-being sessions, covering everything from physiotherapy to psychotherapy, ensuring the employees stay strong both mentally and physically. Moreover, with yoga sessions and the lively energy of Zumba, along with CPR and first aid training, the Vaival team is equipped with essential tools for any untoward situation.

CSR Initiatives at Vaival

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – is more than a practice at Vaival Technologies; it’s a fundamental part of Who We Are”. The company has introduced various CSR initiatives as a testament to its ongoing commitment to positive societal and environmental impact.

Vaival recognizes the destructive impact of drug addiction on individuals and their well-being. With its motto “Say No to Drugs”, Vaival firmly believes that a drug-free environment is pivotal for the success of the community.

Collaboration with DUA Healthcare

Dua Healthcare is offering comprehensive rehabilitation services to individuals struggling with substance abuse. Together with Dua Healthcare, Vaival aims to provide rehabilitation services to individuals who require assistance in overcoming challenges related to their health and well-being.

Vaival Technologies stands as a beacon of empowerment and care in the professional landscape of Pakistan. Its initiatives reflect the commitment to the well-being of its family members. At Vaival, the story of empowerment is ongoing, with each chapter illuminating a path where every individual, irrespective of gender or role, is not just an employee but a valued member of a caring community.

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