Wednesday, May 29, 2024

China Develops Superfast Laser-Powered Submarines to go as Fast as Jet Engines

Chinese scientists are on the brink of achieving a remarkable breakthrough: using lasers to propel submarines at speeds comparable to jet engines.

The innovative technology, developed at Harbin Engineering University, revolves around generating plasma underwater using lasers. This process creates a “detonation wave” that propels the submarine forward. While previous attempts faced challenges in directing the propulsion, researchers now claim to have overcome these obstacles.

By applying thin optical fibers coated with laser-emitting materials to submarines, scientists anticipate generating up to 70,000 newtons of thrust. This could potentially enable submarines to travel faster than the speed of sound.

However, this development has raised concerns about the potential weaponization of laser propulsion technology, especially amid fears of an escalating submarine arms race. The implications of this advancement prompt discussions about its ethical and strategic implications on a global scale.

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