Friday, May 17, 2024

Tesla Likely to Start Selling of Optimus Robots by End of 2025

Elon Musk revealed Tesla’s new robot called Optimus, suggesting it might be available for purchase by the end of 2025. He even predicted that the robot’s sales could one day surpass those of Tesla’s cars in terms of revenue. While Musk’s statement is bold and ambitious, it received mixed responses from experts.

Some experts think Musk’s timeline is realistic, but others doubt whether humanoid robots like Optimus will actually be practical and reliable. They worry about how well the robots will work, if they can be trusted, and what they’ll be used for in real life.

Despite the excitement, many analysts aren’t convinced. One analyst even called Musk’s claims “ridiculous” and “completely unbelievable.” Whether Optimus will change industries forever or remain just an idea is something we’ll have to wait and see.

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