Friday, June 14, 2024

Chinese Company Gifts Shoes Worth Rs 38 Million to Pakistan’s Flood Victim

A Chinese company on Sunday donated sports shoes worth Rs 38 million to help victims of last year’s catastrophic floods in Pakistan.

In January, the company launched an initiative called “Put on Chinese Shoes, Rebuild New Homes,” according to the China Leather Industry Association. The company took action to express its care for the flood-affected people in Pakistan.

Moin-ul-Haque, Pakistan’s ambassador to China, has warmly praised the corporation for their kind assistance to the flood-affected communities in Pakistan. The envoy claimed that receiving the gift had helped him sense China’s hospitality towards Pakistanis.

In 2022, 33 million people were affected by torrential rains and subsequent flooding that submerged a third of Pakistan and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, livestock, and other structures.

Also, the floods claimed the lives of almost 1,700 individuals and cost the economy a staggering $30 billion.

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