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“Tea was Fantastic”: Pakistan Marks 4th Anniversary of Befitting Response to India

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Pakistan is commemorating Operation Swift Retort, also known as Surprise Day, which took place four years ago and saw the country’s armed forces respond appropriately to Indian misadventures.

In retaliation to the Indian airstrike on Balakot on February 27, 2019, the Pakistani government ordered PAF airstrikes against Indian military sites in IIOJK and the PAF shot down an Indian Air Force plane over Pakistani airspace, detaining the pilot. Pakistan was successful in selecting a constrained response that sent India a clear message.

Due to an airspace violation, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down two Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft on February 27, 2019. Wing Commander Abhinandan, an Indian pilot whose MiG-21 aircraft was shot down over Azad Jammu and Kashmir, was also apprehended. Yet subsequently, as a gesture of goodwill, he was freed. 

The Director-General of ISPR, Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry, said in a statement on the fourth anniversary of Operation Swift Retort that Pakistan’s brave, determined, and disciplined response on February 27, 2019, foiled India’s nefarious plans.

This day should serve as a reminder that, while Pakistan is a country that values peace, its armed forces are always prepared to defend the entire country.

The CJCSC, Services Chiefs, and AFs of Pakistan pay tribute to the resilience of the nation and the resolve of AFs displayed during Operation Swift Retort under the pretext of a false flag. INDIA stage-managed a despicable attack on a fictional target in the Pulwama attack, according to Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry.

The yearly celebration of the reaction has produced a wealth of memes, including Abhinandan’s video, in which he expresses gratitude for the reception he received from the Pakistani military and praises the tea they served him. He is heard stating in the video, “Tea is fantastic.”

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