Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Citizens could face Rs5m fine, five years in jail for using incorrect map of Pakistan: GoP

An individual could face a heavy fine along with a prison sentence of up to five years for using an inaccurate map of Pakistan, according to a text message that the Government of Pakistan circulated over the weekend.

Chances are that you have already received the concerned message but if you have not, the government has effectively instructed people to abide by the correct representation of the Country’s map.

According to the details, the message reads: “An Important announcement regarding the Pakistani Map.” On August 4, 2020, the government published a map of Pakistan.

The message added that Pakistan’s survey website surveyofpakistan.gov.pk could access the “Correct Representation” of the map. In the event of non-compliance and use of incorrect depiction of the map of Pakistan, the punishment could either be five years in prison or a huge Rs. 5 million fine or both.

On August 4 of this year, PM Imran Khan showed a new political map of Pakistan, in which Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir was included and depicted as part of Pakistani territory.

The Prime Minister announced that the IIOJK had been included in Pakistan’s territory and that the map released will now be the official map of the region.

He stated that all the Country’s Political Parties have sponsored the newly launched map of Pakistan.

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