Thursday, July 25, 2024

CM Pervaiz Elahi Appoints Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman as Member, Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

Higher education is seen as a vital cog in the development of a knowledge-based economy since it establishes routes for establishing and preserving a country’s socioeconomic and cultural capital. It is, therefore, imperative to prioritize the need to explore issues of access to quality learning and a futuristic paradigm for innovation and research. The previous observation would have no meaning without a robust, self-accountable, and competent governance structure in place. The success of a governance model is predicated upon the foresight, capability, and understanding of the contemporary, grassroots-level issues exhibited by the individuals responsible for the ideological, strategic, and operational success of the said governing model. This condition stands true for any governance model concerning any aspect of public policy and social welfare.

The development of youth happens when the youth are provided with ample opportunities by the higher education authorities that help them in the development of attitude, skills, knowledge, and competencies to realize their potential and strength to the greatest extent possible for the welfare of themselves, their families, communities, and the nation. Pakistan as a nation needs academics and scholars that can help in changing the educational landscape of the country through their trailblazing leadership and such is the case with the Rector, Superior University, Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman who is an icon of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. She is an academician by profession and as a strong catalyst of entrepreneurship she has the aim to provide higher education to the masses across Pakistan for her contributions the government of Pakistan has conferred her with many prestigious awards and the most recent one is her nomination as the representative of Punjab in the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan by the Government of Punjab.

In a ceremony held at the Chief Minister’s House, H.E Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi officially appointed Prof. Dr. Sumiara Rehman as a Member of Punjab in the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman is the first female Rector in any higher education institute in Pakistan and has a stern belief that entrepreneurship development among the youth will change the economic landscape of the country and will land Pakistan among the leading nations of the world. She believes that the young generation is the capital of Pakistan and to make Pakistan economically strong, universities have a responsibility to make their students capable of providing employment opportunities for others instead of running behind the jobs.

Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman has always given a new dimension to the higher education sector in Pakistan and trained a generation to believe in themselves, enabling them to dream and create miracles. Her dedication, hard work, and individuality are crucial to empowering the 67% young population of Pakistan to think beyond the ordinary, to be Superior, and to become the master of their destinies. She has been a trailblazing influence in transforming ideologies, capitalizing on opportunities, and providing practical solutions by enabling and empowering youth to believe in themselves and think out of the box with the conviction to make Pakistan economically Superior. She is the mind behind renewed focus on ensuring student success, creating socioeconomic impact, and facilitating sustainable growth across the educational spectrum in Pakistan. To systematically promote and popularize entrepreneurship in Pakistan, Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman has taken several initiatives and one of the major initiatives is the 3U1M Program that Superior University is running with incredible success. Thanks to the revolutionary program, thousands of student-led start-ups have turned their ideas into profitable businesses and these types of initiatives will help in making an economically Superior Pakistan.

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