Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Pakistani Startup ‘Flex Knitwear’ Launches Innovative 3D Ball Pouch Technology in Men’s Undargarments

For the first time in Pakistan, a young entrepreneur has started his brand Flex Knitwear introducing 3D innovation in men’s undergarments.

Undergarments are an essential part of our everyday life, the closest thing to your body.
So we want to make sure that you’re wearing only the best.

For fitness freaks and active men who don’t want discomfort as their balls stick up their legs, we have reinvented the underwear with our innovative 3D Ball Pouch Technology.
It separates your jewels from the legs and reduces friction between your man parts and gives you a whole new experience of COMFORT.

Flexknitwear started with a desire to re-invent how underwear’s function and feel.
Flex is the first of its kind specifically created as a major breakthrough in men’s innerwear keeping in mind the youth of Pakistan in a not so explored undergarments category.

3D Ball Pouch Boxer has been our best selling and we have delivered 1000+ customers and all we have is a positive feedback and appreciation as it’s a life changing and problem solving product.

We have Crew necks,briefs,shorts and a complete range of men’s Innerwear available in Pakistan’s Leading Supermarkets and Department Stores such as Springs,Chase Department, Chase Plus, TEE EMM Mart,Hyderi Super Market and many more.

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