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CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi Visits State-of-the-Art Milk and One-Window Facilities in China

The Committee from the Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, recently launched on a visit to Yinchuan, China. The Committee included Provincial Ministers SM Tanveer, Amir Mir, Azfar Ali Nasir, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, and Finance Secretary Mujahid Sherdil. Their purpose was to explore a cutting-edge milk processing facility and the advanced One Window System in Yinchuan City.

During their visit, the ministers had the opportunity to closely inspect various departments within the China First Deep Processing Factory. They gained valuable insights into the intricate procedures involved in milk processing. The delegation was particularly interested in the value-added processes for milk, cheese, proteins, and other products at the modern facility in Nangxia.

In addition to the milk processing facility, the ministers also had the chance to explore the One Window System in Yinchuan City. This system aims to provide streamlined and efficient administrative services to the citizens. The ministers witnessed firsthand the provisions made for the convenience of citizens within the One Window System.

The briefing provided to the Committee highlighted the significant impact of the One Window Operation. As a result of its implementation, 69 official seals that were previously used within offices have become obsolete. These seals are now kept collectively in a designated area within the operation’s hall. Furthermore, for citizens who may not have access to online application forms, a separate hall has been designated for manual form submissions. The entire process is swiftly concluded within minutes of receiving the application at the One Window Administration Cell, requiring citizens to visit only once. The satisfaction rate among citizens regarding the services provided by the One Window Administration and the application processing stands at an impressive 99 percent.

Minister SM Tanveer expressed his admiration for the cutting-edge nature of the one-window operation in Yinchuan City. He emphasized how such a system bolsters citizens’ confidence in the government machinery. Minister Amir Mir also admired the marked improvements in administrative affairs and civic amenities at all levels in Yinchuan, citing the One Window Cell as a prime example. He further underscored the necessity for a similar system to be implemented in major cities, including Lahore.

Minister Azfar Ali Nasir pointed out the potential for increased utilization of modern technology in milk processing. He emphasized the importance of further collaboration in value addition. In line with Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi’s instructions, an invitation has been extended to the head of the Chinese company to visit Punjab.

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