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Coke Studio Pakistan’s “Piya Piya Calling”: A Viral Global Anthem Unites the World Through Music

There’s a magic that happens when cultures collide, and nowhere is that more evident than in Coke Studio Pakistan’s latest release, “Piya Piya Calling.” It’s not just a song; it’s a full-fledged cultural revolution, trending across borders and uniting audiences with its message of love and unity. This isn’t evolution, it’s a sonic leap of faith, bringing together a global dream team: Norwegian rap duo Karpe, known for their boundary-breaking collaborations, alongside Pakistani singer-songwriter Kaifi Khalil, the soulful vocals of Amanda Delara, and the electrifying energy of Norwegian dance group Quick Style.

Imagine the swagger of Scandinavian rap meeting the yearning of Pakistani ballads, all under a disco ball in a global music festival. This unlikely pairing wasn’t born out of chance. As Karpe member Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid explains on his Instagram, performing at Coke Studio Pakistan was a childhood dream for his bandmate Chirag.  “Coke Studio is one of the most influential and popular music platforms in the world and a cultural institution in Pakistan,” he writes. 

This dream became a reality when Coke Studio reached out, bringing the world to Pakistan to create something special. The result? A song that transcends language barriers, as Coke Studio producer Xulfi describes: “a celebration of global sound… embodying the spirit of Coke Studio – a platform where cultures meet and unify.”

The song’s success isn’t just about catchy lyrics and a unique blend of musical styles. It’s about the message it carries.  In a world that often feels divided, “Piya Piya Calling” reminds us of our shared humanity.  As Xulfi states, “Piya Piya Calling is the outcome of all our hearts beating as one. It’s that simple. Trust me. Love is that simple.”

This message of unity resonates with audiences worldwide. The song has taken the world by storm, topping charts in Pakistan, Norway, and spreading its magic to India, Canada, UAE, UK, Qatar, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and France. But the impact goes deeper than numbers.

Music arranged and produced by Aksel «Axxe» Carlson and Thomas Kongshavn, with additional production by Xulfi, and directed by powerhouse Jamal Rahman, the expertly crafted video, with sets designed by Art Director Tanya Mirza, is a masterpiece. We open in a stark Nordic setting, reflecting a sense of isolation. But as the music swells, the scene transforms into a vibrant South Asian darbar, a space overflowing with warmth and community. Here, the artists find unity, their voices and movements weaving a tapestry of cultural exchange.

This powerful message resonates with everyone involved. “We are not many. We are one,” shares Xulfi, the Coke Studio music producer. “Piya Piya Calling” is the sound of hearts beating as one. It’s that simple. Love is that simple,” he continues on his Instagram. Amanda Delara echoes this sentiment, calling it “a historical piece of art that unites us.”

“Piya Piya Calling” isn’t background noise; it’s a movement. It’s a call to break down barriers, celebrate our beautiful differences, and lose ourselves in the unifying power of music. It’s a testament to the power of music to bring people together. It’s a reminder that despite our differences, we share a common language – the language of love, unity, and the undeniable joy of a good beat. The world might just feel a little more connected, a little more hopeful, after experiencing the magic of “Piya Piya Calling.”




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