Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Confiz Catalyzes Hush Puppies to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Confiz, a leading global technology service and solutions company, celebrates the wrap-up of a successful digital transformation journey for Hush Puppies Pakistan. The seamless implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, topped by Confiz’s state-of-the-art D365 Order Fulfilment Solution, helped Hush Puppies drive operational agility, elevate its customer experience, and boost brand loyalty. 

The global footwear brand, with operations in 200 countries, has been a pioneer in the casual category and a market leader in comfort and innovation since 1958. Hush Puppies, which entered Pakistan in 1994, has a retail network of over 70 outlets. To be in step with the unprecedented level of digital disruption in the post-COVID world, the leading footwear retailer adopted the tech-first strategy and partnered with Confiz to embark on a journey toward digital transformation. 

Backed by 16+ years of experience in technological excellence with a team of 600+ intelligent minds and 135+ Dynamics consultants, Confiz enabled Hush Puppies to build a highly integrated omnichannel network by efficiently syncing inventories across retail stores with its eCommerce platform and subsequently turning stores into fulfillment centers for all online orders.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations capabilities, combined with Confiz’s intuitive order-fulfillment solution, allowed Hush Puppies to optimize its eCommerce operations and hit 100% order fulfillment targets. This digital acceleration led to minimized inventory holding costs, reduced lead time, and a massive boost in customer satisfaction and retention scores. The Head of eCommerce, Sidra Umar, highlighted this achievement by saying “Confiz and Microsoft enabled in-sync inventory operations and faster order fulfillment for Hush Puppies, leading to exponential growth in our market share.”  

The remarkable journey towards automation also strengthened security protocols. It brought end-to-end store-wise financial visibility for Hush Puppies with the ground-breaking capabilities of Azure Cloud, Dynamics 365, and Power BI. The Managing Director of Hush Puppies, Mohammad Qasim, also hailed this partnership. “Confiz helped us become the country’s first omnichannel retailer and track store-wise profitability for more efficient retail operations.”  

Confiz, the catalyst of technological excellence, has always thrived on customer success. With a culture of empathy and the drive to understand customer challenges, the company offers complete support to its partners in their journey to digital transformation. With qualified engineers, consultants, and subject matter experts, Confiz has set up businesses for hyper-focused growth by creating the blueprint of their digital acceleration and helping them drive growth and success through the technological revolution. 

Read more on Confiz’s successful digital transformation for Hush Puppies here.

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