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Confiz Empowers Its Engineers to Excel and Upskill Through LDF

Confiz, a premier IT company, demonstrates its commitment to employee learning and career development through Leadership Development Framework (LDF), a program aimed at providing a clear path for engineers to grow into leadership positions.

According to a Gallup report, 87% of millennials consider learning and development opportunities important in the workplace, and 59% believe having opportunities to learn and grow are important for choosing an employer. Furthermore, employees are more likely to be satisfied with a job and excel when they see an established upward career path with opportunities to champion leadership roles. It’s evident that a clear career progression path is also crucial in keeping employees engaged and motivated in their work. Confiz’s LDF program is a reflection of these beliefs. It is designed to support aspiring professionals in their journey toward career advancement. Leadership Development Framework is a comprehensive self-learning program that equips engineers with the technical and skill-based competencies necessary to succeed as leaders in their chosen fields. 

While explaining the aim of the program Ahsan Saleem, VP of professional services at Confiz, added, “At Confiz, we recognize that relying solely on years of experience is not the only criterion to measure professional growth. Our LDF program is designed to offer a well-rounded development plan that extends beyond technical skills, focusing on crucial soft skills needed for succeeding in leadership roles. We have created a holistic program that supports our engineers in their career development journey and excel in leadership roles.”

The tech industry offers various career paths, and to cater to everyone’s unique interests and aspirations, Confiz provides a diverse range of tracks that its engineers can choose from. The framework offers three development tracks for engineers to choose from: Engineering, Test Engineering, and Management. Each track provides a unique pathway to leadership, offering opportunities for software engineers to become Software Architects, test engineers to become Software Test Architects, and aspiring engineers to become Project Managers (PMs).

As part of these tracks, engineers complete a set of trainings powered by online training platforms, including Udemy, LinkedIn, and Coursera, so that the graduates have a chance to not just upskill but also fast-track their journey to a promotion. To ensure equal opportunity, all course costs associated with the framework are borne by Confiz itself. As a result, ambitious employees can start their LDF journey as soon as they join Confiz.

Mahnoor Imtiaz, Training and Development Executive at Confiz, said, “LDF was designed to be a highly dynamic and scalable pathway to career growth put in place to match the rapidly evolving tech industry. Our vision is to keep expanding our training modules per the advancing technological needs to build a robust platform to nurture top talent and develop skillful leaders.”

The program has already proven successful, with 20+ engineers transitioning to leadership roles and having completed more than 50 certifications since its inception in 2019. Through this one-of-a-kind initiative, Confiz demonstrates a commitment to becoming a leading employer in the IT industry in Pakistan as it continues to empower its employees to reach their full potential. 

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