Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Pakistani Bride and Groom Make Entry on Donkey Cart as Fuel Prices Rise to Record High

In recognition of their unusual entry, a Pakistani couple has attracted a lot of attention on social media. Desi weddings continued to make headlines for strange happenings, primarily gimmicks. From receiving an assault rifle from one’s mother-in-law to giving a donkey’s foal to a newlywed wife, these stories became the talk of the town and even sparked social media trends.

In one such event, a bride and groom opted for an unconventional ride as they entered the wedding venue on a donkey cart. The video soon went viral online, showing the duo riding a donkey cart while the animal was also adorned with garlands.

The clip shows the two riding in on a donkey cart while guests and other members filmed them as they posed with big smiles on their faces. The family members then helped the two come down from the unusual ride as videographers captured the whole incident for their memories.

The video has received hundreds of thousands of views since it was published online, according to numerous accounts. While some social media users praised the act, others criticised it as just another cheap publicity stunt.

The amusing act is particularly relevant to the current situation, as the government just increased the price of petrol by Rs. 22.20 per litre to Rs. 272 following a sharp depreciation of the local currency.

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