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Crew Drain? Another PIA Crew Member Goes Missing in Canada

Another member of the cabin crew from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has vanished while in Canada, as confirmed by the airline’s spokesperson. The missing crew member, identified as Jibran Baloch, was scheduled to return to Pakistan on PIA flight PK-782 in Toronto on February 29. However, he failed to report for duty on the return flight as expected.

Jibran Baloch marks the second PIA cabin crew member to go missing within the current month. Upon investigation, it was discovered that he had left his accommodations without informing anyone.

The PIA spokesperson revealed that Jibran Baloch’s disappearance has been formally reported to the Toronto Police and the Border Security Force. This incident follows closely on the heels of another concerning disappearance: just a few days prior, another female air hostess named Maryam Raza went missing from her hotel. Upon searching her room, her uniform was found alongside a note expressing gratitude to PIA.

Maryam Raza had been a part of the PIA team for fifteen years, serving on the Islamabad to Toronto route.

In an effort to mitigate such occurrences, PIA had taken the decision to surrender the passports of crew members assigned to Toronto flights to the authorities. However, this measure appears to have been ineffective in preventing further incidents.

A troubling trend emerges as approximately twelve air hostesses assigned to Toronto flights have disappeared over the past several months. Regrettably, this isn’t the first time such events have transpired.

On January 24, another PIA flight attendant named Faiza Mukhtar went missing in Canada following the arrival of the flight from Islamabad to Toronto. Faiza Mukhtar, who was part of the flight crew on PIA flight PK 781, vanished upon the flight’s arrival at Toronto airport.

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