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‘Didn’t Recognise Who He Was’, Tea Vendor Dolly Chaiwala on Serving Tea to Bill Gates

Dolly Chaiwala, a tea vendor hailing from Nagpur, catapulted to fame following the circulation of a viral video depicting him serving tea to none other than Bill Gates.

In an interview, Dolly disclosed that he initially failed to recognize the globally renowned billionaire, only grasping his identity later as the video gained immense traction across various social media platforms.

Reflecting on the encounter, Dolly admitted to having limited interaction with Bill Gates, attributing this to his steadfast dedication to his work. However, the pivotal moment arrived when Bill Gates sampled Dolly’s tea and lauded its quality with a heartfelt exclamation, “Wow, Dolly ki Chai.”

When queried about his distinctive attire, Dolly revealed that his sartorial choices drew inspiration from South Indian cinema. He articulated his fervent desire to extend his hospitality to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the future, harboring aspirations of being recognized as “Nagpur ka Dolly Chaiwala.” Dolly emphasized his overarching goal of perpetuating a tradition of warm and welcoming service, seeking to elicit smiles from all those he serves.

The viral video depicting Bill Gates’ request for tea from Dolly showcased the latter’s unique tea-making technique, elevating his humble cart to the realm of internet stardom. Initially slated for filming in Nagpur, the location was later shifted to Hyderabad, where Dolly was graciously invited to demonstrate his craft.

Dolly’s widespread appeal transcends the confines of traditional media, with a substantial following on social media platforms such as Instagram, where he shares engaging reels and captivating snapshots with his dedicated fanbase.

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