Saturday, March 2, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo has ‘Secret Website’ to Order Merchandise that Most Players Can’t Access

Cristiano Ronaldo’s longstanding association with Nike comes with exclusive perks, including access to a confidential website for merchandise orders. Since 2003, Ronaldo has been a prominent face for Nike in football, with a lifetime contract inked in 2016. This partnership grants him access to an array of Nike products, and as of 2024, he has worn nearly 70 pairs of Nike boots, featuring custom-made versions tailored to his preferences.

Nike’s contractual agreements with athletes, including Ronaldo, involve providing access to all new releases. Ben Foster, a former Manchester United goalkeeper sponsored by Nike throughout his 23-year career, shed light on the process. Athletes receive a designated representative who periodically attends to their needs, showcasing new releases and managing orders.

The distinctive aspect revealed by Foster is the existence of a secret website. Nike athletes, such as Ronaldo, are equipped with a password and login credentials for this private platform. Through this channel, they can explore and purchase desired merchandise, ranging from boots to trainers. This discreet method allows athletes to exercise autonomy in selecting items aligned with their preferences and needs.

In essence, the confidential website streamlines the process for Nike athletes, offering a personalized and exclusive shopping experience. This behind-the-scenes access is a testament to the intricate relationships between top-tier athletes and major sportswear brands, reinforcing the symbiotic nature of such partnerships where athletes receive premium products and brands benefit from their global influence and marketing appeal.

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