Monday, May 20, 2024

Crocs Are Being Banned From Airports, Train Stations And Shopping Centers

If you’re a fan of the iconic, comfort-focused Crocs clogs, you may need to find a new go-to airport or shopping center shoe as multiple facilities have enacted bans prohibiting Crocs and other soft, rubbery shoes on escalators, citing safety concerns.

According to reports, Crocs and shoes with similar soft soles have been getting caught in escalators, causing injuries and prompting warnings as airports, train stations, and malls across the country have now prohibited these shoes on escalators via posted signs and announcements.

The bans come in response to harrowing incidents that have alarmed authorities. In one case in 2018, a boy’s Crocs got caught in an escalator, nearly ripping his foot off.

While wildly popular for their cushiony comfort, Crocs’ soft, rubbery composition makes them hazardous on moving staircases. The bans aim to protect both Crocs wearers and other escalator users from harm.

So next time you head out in your favorite pair of Crocs, take extra caution on escalators or consider rocking different kicks and opt for hard-soled shoes or slip the Crocs into Sport Mode, which provides a more secure fit.

And don’t worry – you can still wear Crocs confidently through the airport or mall. Just don’t even think about stepping onto an escalator with those soft, chunky clogs.

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