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Dany Technologies – A Brand of Dany Group of Companies, Dedicatedly Delivering Advanced Tech Accessories to The Nation Since 2001.

We are in search of dynamic creative and digital agencies to work with Dany Technologies on a retainership model. Dany is renowned for consumer tech accessories tailored to contemporary lifestyles. As our footprint widens and our growth accelerates, we’re acutely aware of the essential role a creative and digital partner plays in amplifying our brand essence. This encompasses sculpting a strategic long-term trajectory, shaping a crystal-clear brand perception, and spearheading a rebranding journey that promises to revolutionize our brand’s landscape.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES & SCOPE: Our goals encompass a multi-faceted transformation. We seek to refine brand identity for enhanced resonance, portray modernity and reliability, and amplify online presence through captivating digital strategies. Engaging our audience is paramount, achieved via interactive and informative content to establish brand leadership. Converting visitors into loyal customers is central; digital platforms will be optimized for seamless user experience.

The scope involves crafting a fresh Dany identity with impactful launch, strategizing for competitive positioning, creating compelling visuals across platforms, enhancing website design and e-commerce integration, and masterminding social media engagement strategies for widespread brand awareness.

Muhammad Naeem – CEO Dany Group of Companies:

“This brand holds boundless potential to ascend to unprecedented heights, and I can assure you that this rebranding journey will equally empower the selected agencies. Our commitment to investment is resolute, aimed at mutually soaring to new pinnacles of success.”

Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal – Group Marketing Manager at Dany Group:

“As the steward of this brand, I believe it’s the perfect moment to embrace change and embrace new trends and approaches to elevate this brand to new heights.

Our primary goal is to rejuvenate Dany’s image in collaboration with our creative and digital agency partners, effectively connecting with our intended audience through a tailored communication mix that resonates with them.”

Timeline: We are looking to onboard the selected agency in September 2023, with a view to establishing a long-term partnership based on mutual growth and success.

Way Forward: We welcome interested agencies to share their proposals, including their approach, a concise brand analysis, and a brief action plan. Following the submission of your proposal, we’ll meet within a day after getting the proposal and profile of agencies to delve into the details and explore the next steps together.

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