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International Summit for Entrepreneurial Educators: A Global Gathering of Educators, Pioneering the Entrepreneurial Future

The stage is set for the International Summit for Entrepreneurial Educators, a groundbreaking event that promises to propel the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth. It is scheduled to be held on August 23-24, 2023, jointly organised by SEE Pakistan, and the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC).

SEE Pakistan, the country’s largest entrepreneurial expo, presented by the Association of Private Sector Universities of Pakistan (APSUP), collaborates with both national and international universities and organisations committed to fostering entrepreneurship development. It provides emerging entrepreneurs with a distinctive opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas.

SEE Pakistan 2023 has designed the International Summit for Entrepreneurial Educators to equip educators with the acumen, competencies, and profound insights into entrepreneurial principles, being joined by an impressive number of 22 foreign educators from Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nigeria, Malaysia, Ghana, Algeria, Kenya, Tajikistan, Yemen, Jordan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Uganda, Tanzania, Iran, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Russia, Cameroon, and Ethiopia.

This comprehensive training program under the summit will enable the participating educators to:

– Implement action-based teaching methods for better classroom engagement and results.

– Empower current and future generations of entrepreneurs.

– Develop skills beyond traditional ideas of entrepreneurship to benefit their students.

– Create value, inspire action, and provoke change using the entrepreneurial mindset in action.

The International Summit for Entrepreneurial Educators will kick off at Superior University Campus, Lahore, with the revered presence of Dr. Sami Bajwa, Dean of the Faculty of Business & Management Sciences. In the opening session, he will delve into the mindset of an Entrepreneurial Educator. His discourse will shed light on the cultivation of a forward-looking mindset, emphasizing the imperative fusion of pedagogy and entrepreneurship. He will pose a primary focus on developing Entrepreneurial Educators. Alongside, he will present a concise roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurial educators, elucidating the distinctions between managerial and entrepreneurial individuals.

Transitioning to the next session, Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector of Superior University, will articulate the pivotal role of the Superior Entrepreneurship Education Model (SEEM) and its profound impact on shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem and revolutionizing formal education. She will share the groundbreaking impact made by SEEM’s focal component Entrepreneurial Teaching & Training Program (ETTP) at Superior University; a practice-based approach to developing an entrepreneurial leader. SEEM encompasses the latest pedagogies and tools i.e. role plays, videos, activities, forums, poster exhibitions, and screening rounds to engage students and improve their learning experience. To enhance students’ experiential learning experiences, SEEM also proposes a capacity-building program for faculty members.  Dr. Rehman will emphasize the relevance of SEEM in the 21st Century, as the economy is shifting from Industrial Revolution Work Models to Knowledge-Based Models.

Following that, Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Rector of Gift University, will underscore the significance of Business Models and the Art of Pitching in the realm of entrepreneurship and shed light on the delicate interplay between a robust business framework and the art of presenting one’s entrepreneurial vision. He will additionally highlight the challenging areas that students struggle to grasp and outline effective coaching approaches to navigate these intricacies.

Addressing the audience, Mr. Muneeb Ahmed, Deputy Director of Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED), Superior University, will emphasize ‘The Importance of Networking in Entrepreneurship’. He will highlight the benefits of networking, idea implementation, human and social capital, developmental exercises, network analysis, and reciprocity. Having vast experience in mentoring & launching startups and entrepreneurial ventures from his centre, Mr. Muneeb will highlight how networking not only grants access to resources but also fortifies startups’ sustainability within the ecosystem.      

As the summit draws to a close, a formal Certificates Distribution ceremony will honour all esteemed participants for their contributions to enhancing entrepreneurship education. You are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and insights to enlighten the higher education fraternity of the country with this unparalleled power of entrepreneurial teaching strategies at the International Summit for Entrepreneurial Educators, set to just take place.

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