Monday, April 15, 2024

Decibel HRMS Takes Center Stage: Replacing Workday HCM at Telenor Pakistan!

A historic milestone in digitalization of talent management as Telenor Pakistan embraces the revolutionary Decibel HRMS. In an unprecedented feat, Decibel’s new version, Decibel 360, branded as ‘TP HR Connect’ within Telenor, has effectively been rolled out within a time span of 5 months, embedded with custom-built configurations, setting a record for speed and efficiency in deployment.

This affiliation proves to be a unique catalyst, as Telenor Pakistan joins the league of visionary players in adopting enterprise cloud Decibel HRMS. This comprehensive HR product suite accommodates Recruitment, Performance, Increment & Bonus modules, providing a consolidated catalogue of features within a single system.

This project stands as a testament to Pakistan’s ingenuity and capability, as Decibel HRMS replaces WORKDAY HCM, showcasing their ability to compete on a global scale while keeping costs in check. Now, local and global companies operating in Pakistan are realizing the importance of promoting local solutions instead of relying on international systems, especially when those solutions lack necessary localization.

Established in 2009, Decibel HRMS stands as the largest and most secure HR enterprise cloud platform in Pakistan, boasting over 250 local and multinational clients with a combined workforce exceeding 220,000 employees. The platform footprint has now extended to 9 countries and counting. Decibel HRMS also sets itself apart as one of the few platforms worldwide to offer both SaaS and BPO services under one roof. With AI and ML at the forefront, they’re committed to delivering superior employee experiences and shaping the future of HR.

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