Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Devigital Systems Boosts Employee Wages to Tackle Inflation

Meet Devigital Systems, a rapidly growing and digitally emerging tech giant with a clear focus on its employees. Devigital System has recently gained popularity by providing employees increments against rising inflation to help manage their finances. Currently, the software house is also a nominee for the “Best Place to Work” award by the Pakistan Society of Human Resource Management. The reason is a long list of unique benefits the company provides for its employees which includes profit sharing, life, and health insurance, 34 annual leaves, free lunch every day, and much more.

Devigital Systems likewise follows a strict code of conduct in order to bring out the best in people and promote both personal and business growth. The company offers flexible hours and work from home in emergency cases to allow its employees to maintain a work-life balance and attend to their families in need. At Devigital, it is believed that the most productivity out of an individual can be obtained by providing them peace of mind and the freedom to work in their own space.

Recreational activities such as sports week, annual dinners, annual tours, BBQ parties, etc., are also highly promoted every month at Devigital, so no employee is over-burdened.

Recently, the company has made headlines by consistently appearing in the 2023 job fair series where it met hundreds of students and took the institutes by storm. Conducting assessments and guidance session is just the tip of the iceberg in the Devigital Systems expansion plan.
Devigital Systems aims to continue growing its workforce and future horizons with the help of its international partners and huge foreign client base, and become one of the biggest names in the IT Industry

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