Friday, June 14, 2024

Wedding in Lakki Marwat Set a Wonderful Example by Distributing Rashan Among 600 Families on Walima Ceremony

A wedding ceremony performed in the Sarai Naurang tehsil of the Lakki Marwat district deviated from the custom of lavishly spending on Walima by distributing meals to 600 underprivileged families.

At the wedding of their nephews, Tehsil Chairman Sarai Nourang and Azizullah Khan established a new standard by sharing their joy with the less fortunate. The food bundles that were given out were worth millions of rupees and made many deserving families happy.

Deputy Commissioner Abdul Hadi, who was there as a distinguished visitor, praised this exceptional and historic occasion. He expressed his gratitude for this outstanding act of compassion, which serves as an example for others to aspire to.

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