Thursday, July 18, 2024

DHA Seeks 6,000 Acres of Seafront Land in Karachi for Expansion

The Sindh government is currently assessing a significant request from the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to allocate up to 6,000 acres of seafront land in Karachi. This land is intended for the expansion of DHA’s housing scheme, specifically to benefit the families of Shuhada (martyrs) and armed forces personnel.

DHA made this appeal to the caretaker government in December 2023, highlighting an urgent need for more space due to the division of DHA Karachi and DHA City. The proposal underscores the necessity of additional land to accommodate the growing number of beneficiaries and enhance the housing facilities for military families.

At present, the provincial government is meticulously reviewing the proposal. This process includes identifying potential sites for the expansion and conducting detailed viability studies to ensure the project’s success. These steps are crucial to determine the suitability of the land and to plan for sustainable development.

DHA Karachi, which began in the 1980s with a modest 76.2 acres, has significantly grown over the decades. It now manages more than 8,797 acres, providing housing to numerous families. This vast expansion reflects DHA’s ongoing commitment to serving the residential needs of military personnel and their families.

The requested seafront land aims to further this mission by offering improved living conditions and additional housing options. The expansion is seen as a necessary step to address the increasing demand for residential space in Karachi, especially for those who have served the nation.

As the Sindh government continues to evaluate DHA’s request, the focus remains on ensuring that the expansion is feasible and beneficial. The outcome of this proposal will have a significant impact on the future housing landscape for military families in Karachi. The provincial authorities are expected to make a decision once all the necessary studies and assessments are completed.

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