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Differently Abled Husband and wife, Aijaz and Fatima Started their own YouTube Channel to have their Source of Income

Pakistan is a land where most of the people are courageous and talented; however, an example of it is set by differently abled husband and wife, Aijaz and Fatima. While being differently abled they did not make their weakness overcome them and find a source of living by starting their own YouTube Channel.

They have stated their YouTube Channel with a title of “Fatima Aijaz Life.” However, till now they have reached to more than 55K subscribers.

These husband and wife started this channel in order to have their source of income as they are currently not able to do any other full-time job.

Fatima and Aijaz are an inspiration for many differently abled or abled people who have lost hope for earning.

However, these two need support of many Pakistanis in the form of subscribing their channel and watching their videos to appreciate their content and keep them motivated towards this blissful life.

According to their subscribers, all Pakistanis should appreciate them and share their videos while subscribing and viewing them as it will help Fatima and Aijaz to keep their moral high and many people can be their source of earning.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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