Saturday, June 15, 2024

Digitt+ Innovates Banking as a Service Through Open API Partnership with RIZQ

In a significant stride forward in financial technology, Digitt+, a pioneering Electronic Money Institute licensed under the State Bank of Pakistan, is excited to announce its Banking as a Service (Baas) partnership with RIZQ by ROZEE, a premier Fintech specializing in financial wellness for professionals. This collaboration marks a critical evolution in the delivery of financial services, facilitated through the innovative use of Digitt+’s Open API framework.

At the core of this partnership is Digitt+’s robust open API infrastructure, which empowers RIZQ to integrate a wide array of financial transactions directly into its application. This includes capabilities such as Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) payments, mobile top-ups, and bill payments, revolutionizing the user experience on the RIZQ platform by embedding financial services seamlessly into its offerings.

By leveraging Digitt+’s BaaS platform, RIZQ can now provide its users with sophisticated financial functionalities without the need to develop these services in-house. This approach not only accelerates the delivery of new services but also ensures that they are secure, efficient, and as per international best practices. With security as a top priority, users can rest assured that their sensitive financial information is safeguarded against cyber threats, ensuring peace of mind while they utilize the combined innovative services of Digitt+ and RIZQ.

Ahmed Saleemi, CEO of Digitt+, comments on the integration, “Through our open API framework, we are enabling RIZQ to transcend traditional financial boundaries, offering an embedded financial experience that is both seamless and secure. Our BaaS solution underscores our commitment to innovation and our role as enablers in the fintech ecosystem.”

This partnership enables RIZQ to offer enhanced financial services, participating in saving circles, smart budgeting, scheduling payments, and more. The personalized financial recommendations provided by RIZQ are powered by Digitt+’s technological prowess, facilitating a smarter and more responsive user experience.

S. H. Kazi, CEO of RIZQ, shares his perspective: “Collaborating with Digitt+ through their BaaS model has enabled us to leapfrog traditional development timelines and integrate comprehensive financial services directly into our app. This is a game-changer for us in providing enhanced value to our users, helping them achieve financial wellness in a more efficient and secure manner.”

Digitt+ continues to offer a wide range of financial solutions, supporting over 2,500 billers for convenient payments, along with innovative services tailored for agricultural and business sectors. The partnership with RIZQ is a testament to Digitt+’s commitment to expanding financial accessibility and enriching the fintech landscape.

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