Thursday, June 1, 2023

DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson Visited Mecca to Perform Umrah

In order to perform Umrah, DJ Khaled and Mike Tyson visited Mecca, the most Holy place of Islam.

The well known American singers shared various videos and pictures of Holy place.

He captioned, “The second I walked in Mecca tears came down my eyes. Tears of joy. My whole life I wanted to go to Mecca to pray and to give gratitude to Allah. I prayed for the world for more love for more life more peace more joy more health and protection for all of us.

Mike Tyson was also witnessed in the shared video which was shared by DJ Khaled. He shared a picture with Tyson as they stated their visit to Mecca.

In 1992, when Mike Tyson was jailed he accepted Islam.

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