Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dog Bites More than 26,000 People in Karachi this Year

So far in 2022, 26,000+ people got bitten by dogs in Karachi.

Stray dogs ruled over the streets of the light city whereas the Karachi’s administration got unsuccessful in dealing with the problem.

As per official statistics, 9,829 citizens were brought to JPMC (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center) who got dog bites while 7,733 people were taken to the Civil Hospital and 9,000 people were reported in Indus Hospital with dog bite injuries.

Among all 83.6% were men and 16.4% were women who reported with dog bite injuries while 32% were 14 years old whereas 68% of victims were 14+ aged.

78% of victims were injured by stray dogs whereas 22% by pet dogs and cats.

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