Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Does Rice Make You Gain Weight? Unveiling Truth

A large number of people who want to lose weight are under the misconception that eating rice leads to weight gain, while others believe that eating rice causes diabetes.

Rice is the staple and most important food of people in South Asia, including Pakistan, which is widely consumed.

100 grams of rice contains 242 calories, 0.4 grams of fat, 53.4 grams of carbohydrates and 4.4 grams of protein, while it lacks vitamins and minerals.

According to medical experts, there is nothing wrong with eating rice, but how much rice is being consumed is very important.

A new study has revealed that eating rice neither causes weight gain nor causes other disorders such as diabetes, but rice can be eaten with protein-rich foods such as pulses, beans, meat, fish and vegetables. It is a very useful, easily digestible and healthy food if eaten along with it.

Medical experts say that rice is very important for people who suffer from vitamin B12, hemoglobin and vitamin D deficiency, saying that removing rice from the diet can lead to weight gain is a completely wrong assumption.

Medical experts say that there is not even a cent truth in eliminating the tricks from the diet and considering this process to be healthy, the consumption of rice increases the performance of exercise.

Experts say that although rice has less fiber than bread, rice plays the role of fiber for the human stomach and is a constipating food.

On the other hand, a medical study conducted in Japan has said that obesity rates are lower in countries that eat more rice.

During this study, the rate of calorie consumption, including the consumption of rice, was also analyzed in more than 136 countries, while body weight data was also looked at. Obesity rates are lower than in Western countries where less rice is consumed.

According to medical experts, eating rice in moderation with pulses, meat and vegetables is beneficial, while excessive consumption increases the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The study also revealed for the first time that white rice and pasta contain obesity-protecting carbohydrates, and that frequent consumption of plain rice may help protect against obesity.

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