Friday, September 29, 2023

Dollar on a Fall Against Pakistani Rupee, Here’s Today Rates

The United States Dollar (USD) has shown a decline against the Pakistani Rupee (PKR). The State Bank of Pakistan’s official interbank exchange rate records 1 USD to PKR at 277.70. Moreover, the open market rates also reflect a decrease in the value of the USD, with the buying rate at PKR 278.00 and the selling rate at PKR 281.00.

Interbank Exchange Rates

DateBuying (PKR)Selling (PKR)
12 Jul 23277.30277.70

Open Market Exchange Rates

DateBuying (PKR)Selling (PKR)
12 Jul 23278.00281.00

The interbank exchange rate, provided by the State Bank of Pakistan, shows that 1 USD is equivalent to 277.70 PKR. This indicates a decline of 0.20 PKR or 0.072% in the interbank rate. On the other hand, in the open market, the value of the dollar has also decreased by 0.20 PKR, resulting in 1 USD being equivalent to 277.70 PKR.

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