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5 Healthy Foods That Are Considered Harmful

In general, there are negative rumors and ideas about foods that are beneficial for health and foods that have positive effects on health.

 In this health report, we will tell you about some common foods that are labeled as ‘unhealthy’ but not so dangerous.

We choose healthy and some unhealthy foods on a daily basis, such as vegetables, and fruits, but we also eat sweet foods and foods rich in carbohydrates at the request of the mouth and the heart.

Among them, there are some foods that are notorious without research but are not as harmful to health as they are made out to be.

Medical experts say that no choice of food can be called wrong, but its balanced consumption makes it a correct and healthy diet, while excessive consumption of everything proves to be negative.

According to experts, there must be a right balance of all types of nutrients and compounds on the plate while eating and this habit promotes a healthy life.

Following are some foods recommended by nutritionists which are not as harmful to health as they are believed to be. 


Available in every kitchen around the world, potatoes are perhaps the most versatile vegetable, unfortunately, they often fail to find a place in our healthy diet, experts say. A potato will make them fat and unhealthy they need to think again and learn about it.

Potatoes contain a good amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, if consumed in the right amount, you can enjoy all these benefits.

White rice: 

Today, as people are moving towards a healthier lifestyle, white rice is gradually being replaced by brown rice, millet, and many other foods, although nutritionists do not deny the health benefits of millet and brown rice. This does not reduce the quality of white rice. 

White rice is gluten-free, gives you plenty of energy, and is easily digested, making it a great option to include in your balanced diet but should be consumed in moderation.


Chocolate is not an unhealthy food but yes! You have to consume it wisely to enjoy its benefits, especially dark chocolate contains antioxidants, zinc, magnesium, calcium and many other nutrients that provide energy.

It improves mood and helps boost energy and feel-good hormones throughout the day.


Egg yolks are packed with vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, and other essential nutrients, when eaten in moderation, egg yolks with whites give you both health and taste.


Consuming too much caffeine is considered bad for health and that is why many people prefer to avoid it altogether, but a Harvard University report states that ‘if coffee is consumed in moderate amounts So it proves to be healthy.’

According to the report, consuming about two cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of diabetes, heart problems, depression, and liver problems

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