Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dubai-Based Pakistani Entrepreneur “Salman Hyder” started DubaiVisa.com in 2017 with initial investment of $100,000, now worth is $1 Million

Salman Hyder, a Dubai-based Pakistani entrepreneur and the founder of DubaiVisa.com is 39 years old enthusiast who started his top-level premium website in 2017. At an early phase, he started selling the UAE Tourist Visas online with an initial investment of $100,000; however, now his business worth is $1,000,000.

Google-owned platforms are used by him to develop high-level online visa applications and due to this he receives applications through it on regular basis.

Salman is also working as a Strategic Planning Head in Tourism Business in UAE. His career was started when he was in Karachi- Pakistan after he returns from the USA. He spent 3 years in the USA before starting his career growth. Salman is an influential motivational speaker with an incredibly deep knowledge of the current business affairs of economies.

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