Friday, April 19, 2024

Dubai Installed Fridge for Needy Individuals to Access Free Food

In Dubai, free food refrigerators have spread throughout the city and are now used by countless individuals each day initiative was launched by a female Australian.

Ms. Sayed, who resides in the Springs Community, stated, “I always wanted to do something to help others – no matter how trivial it may have been.”

“I didn’t want to accept more responsibility than I could bear. Therefore, sharing a fridge on our front porch seemed manageable and rather simple”, She added.

According to her, the first communal refrigerator was initially owned by an individual but quickly came under community control. 150 people can be served daily from one refrigerator.

According to Alison Vickery, whose sharing fridge is in Meadows 2, “the most popular foods and beverages include juices, laban, water, and fresh fruit and vegetables”.

Each fridge contains between 400 and 500 pieces of fruit, 100 laban bottles, more than 100 bottles of juice, 50 dinners, biscuits, dates, and dried fruit in a single day.

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