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Here’s How to Apply for Work Visa in Saudi Arabia, Step-to-Step Procedure!

Saudi Arabia is a traditional Arab and Islamic society in the Middle East that is wealthy in oil.

A “Saudi Work Visa,” which enables individuals to live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia full-time, is necessary for those who intend to work in Saudi Arabia in the near future. Jobs range from laborers to engineers, financial specialists to IT consultants, and development is constant.

There are numbers of benefits to acquiring a Saudi Work Visa. Some of them are

  • Employees can make a good living with no monthly pay deductions.
  • Many people find it impossible to resist the tempting prospect of a decent career and comfortable living.
  • Saudi Arabia has no personal income tax.
  • Employees receive commensurate incentives for their work, just like managers and officers do.

To avail the opportunity:

Saudi Arabia has set up a new temporary work visa system that enables companies to grant short-term visas for up to three months with the option of extending them for an additional three months.

Application Process:

1: Log in to the company’s Qiwa website account.

2: Choose the e-services temporary work visa option.

3: Submit the request after filling out the form.

After a request for an online work visa is made using the Qiwa website, it would be provided right away without the need for any extra documentation.

There are two possible grounds for denying a visa application. First, determine whether the unified number of the enterprise’s Absher account has an insufficient balance. Secondly, if the Ministry of Interior is the cause of the refusal.


The company must be operating and have a valid commercial registration.

The nitaqat level for the business must be at least medium green.

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