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Dubai Taxi Drivers Return Dh5.6 Million in Cash and Lost Valuables to Passengers

Dubai’s taxi drivers have been commended for their honesty after returning more than Dh5.6 million in lost valuables and cash to passengers in 2022, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Out of the 101 drivers who returned lost items, one found a black bag containing Dh1 million worth of diamonds, while another returned Dh3.6 million in cash left in their taxi. Other items that were returned included gold worth Dh200,000, branded watches and handbags worth over Dh400,000, and large sums of cash, such as Dh183,000, Dh200,000, and Dh221,000.

Furthermore, the drivers also returned a total of 12,410 mobile phones, 2,819 electronic devices, and 342 laptops. The RTA praised the drivers’ integrity and has honored them for their actions.

“Reports of lost and found items by drivers are a source of joy for everyone,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, chief executive of the Public Transport Agency.

“They set excellent examples of honesty, integrity, good manners and responsibility.”

He said the drivers’ conduct reveals their true character and helps to create a positive image for Dubai’s transport systems.

“RTA focuses on honouring drivers regularly to motivate and reward their honesty, high ethics and commendable handling of other people’s money,” he added.

“Their honesty reflects positively on their performance and elevates the standard of the taxi service in the emirate.”

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