Sunday, July 14, 2024

Dubai’s Taxi ‘Toyota Cramy’ Now Costs Rs. 5.38 Crore in Pakistan

Analyzing the current economic conditions of Pakistan as other Car Manufacuring Industries have made a huge hike in their prices, so Toyota has also increased their prices and created a massive price range difference as compared to the previous prices. Pakistani currency is facing a huge downfall. Toyota has shut down their production plants as the LC’s are closed and there is no positive response in near future of opening them, so it directly impacted in a way to the prices hike and decrease in the amount of car in market.

This is the old price of Toyota Cramry 47,559,000, This is the news prices in Market of Toyota Camry 53,859,000, this 6,300,000 creates a difference in prices of the car. Toyota Crammy is used as a TAXI in Dubai for the comfort of passengers and to provide them best services. The car industry has directly impacted in Pakistan especially due to economic instability.

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