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Dubai’s Tourism Triumph: Arabian Travel Market 2023 Sets New Milestones

Dubai, known as the jewel of the Middle East, has emerged as a tourism powerhouse, captivating the world with its magnificent attractions, unparalleled luxury, and rich cultural experiences. This vibrant city has achieved a remarkable triumph in the realm of tourism, offering valuable business prospects and promising developments for the country’s tourism industry.

Dubai’s tourism has set a new record with the Arabian Travel Market setting milestone of 29 percent year-on-year growth in attendees at their 30th edition. Speaking about the accomplishment, the Exhibition Director, Arabian Travel Market, Danielle Curtis stated, “The fact that we witnessed record attendance at ATM 2023 is extremely encouraging and a strong indication that the Middle East’s travel industry remains in excellent shape”.

In recognition of its outstanding achievement, DET was honored with the prestigious ‘Best Stand for Doing Business’ Award at ATM 2023. The ATM judges granted DET the award for its spacious layout, comfortable seating, and exceptional hospitality. This accolade highlights DET’s commitment to providing a captivating and enjoyable experience for tourists while facilitating fruitful business interactions.

As per the press release, the theme of this year’s ATM was ‘Working Towards Net Zero’ which hosted representatives from more than 150 countries at the Dubai World Trade Centre and around 2,100 exhibitors showed up to discuss how sustainable travel can be ensured in future. The organizers also confirmed 5% growth over 2019 with more than 40,000 guests present.

This upswing in engagement at ATM resulted in 4.67 million international participants in the initial quarter of 2023 in comparison to 3.97 million during the first quarter of 2022.

Moreover, more than 122 private and public sector organizations conducted their business meetings on the Dubai stand. Due to its focus on sustainability, ATM has actively engaged in organizing this year’s UN Climate Change conference and COP28 in Dubai, fostering discussions and initiatives related to environmental concerns.

Dubai has set its sights on securing a place among the top three global countries and bolstering its economy over the next decade. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has also seemed to witness an increase in tourism and intends to establish a sustainable tourism environment.

This breakthrough reflects the increased transition and interest towards tourism and travel sector of Middle east.

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