Thursday, June 1, 2023

Internet Shutdown: Pakistan’s Point of Sale(POS) Transaction Fall by 50%.

On Tuesday May 9th, 2023, after the sudden arrest of the former prime minister of Pakistan; Imran Khan the government of Pakistan disabled the internet services all over the country. Supporters of PTI called for protests in different regions and raised aggressive slogans against the government and other officials.

Noticing the severity of protest government of Pakistan blocked internet services for an unbearable period of time. People faced much difficulty due to this sudden internet shutdown.

Reportedly , point of-sale transactions (POC) routed through the main digital payment system dropped by around 50%. the reason for this drop was basically associated with the mobile broadband suspension along with the fact that due to this political turmoil fewer people visited the stores.

People are demanding a quick restoration of the internet services from the government as it is affecting their businesses due to a lack of connection with their customers and employees. Roads are also blocked and local travelling difficulties are another point of discussion. Social media services were also affected and blocked which caused serious heartbreak for online companies and workers.

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