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E-Challan Lahore – How to Check and Pay Lahore Traffic E-Challan Online

Electronic challan (E-Challan) has been introduced by the Punjab Safety Authority (PSCA). The E-challan has been introduced by the Lahore high court order to put a check on people to abide by traffic rules. This advancement has now made easy the tracking of people violating traffic rules by recording their plate numbers.

The AVNPR (auto vehicle number plate recognizing) cameras has been installed across Lahore which notes the number plate of your car if you violate the traffic rules. Therefore, know that you are being recorded before violating the rules.

However, E-challan payment Lahore has also been made easy by the online method introduced by Inam Ghani, the inspector general of Punjab Police and Punjab IT Board (PITB).

E-Challan Lahore

PSCA E-Challan

Punjab safe cities authority has inaugurated the online payment facility by ePay mobile application. Inam Ghani inaugurated PSCA E-challan Lahore online payment method at their headquarters. Azfar Manzoor, chairman of Punjab information technology (IT) board, and Syed Hammad Abid, Lahore city traffic police officer has attended the ceremony.

Rao Sardar Ali Khan, the Managing director, and Muhammad Kamran Khan, the chief operating officer brief about the Payment Method.

According to the briefing, People can pay E-Challan the E-challan by the mobile banking system involving 23 banks, internet banking involving 18 banks, ATM services involving 21 banks, and over-the-counter payment methods in 28 banks. Other methods of payment include easy paisa, HBL kConnect, Jazz cash, TCS, and UBL Omni services.

E-Challan Lahore

However, the ePay Punjab online payment method is the most convenient way to save your time and energy. Inam Ghani addressed the netizens during the ceremony that this efficient method of online payment will not only save time but also maintain the social distance during the COVID pandemic.

He further included that we have deployed their excellent police officers for traffic management as well as crime control in the city. The IG Punjab stated that the Punjab police is taking all the potential measures essential for traffic management as well as the convenience of citizens.

He promised that such initiatives will continue in the future as well like E-challan online payment, E-service centers, and PUCAR-15 which are some of the examples pacifying the lives of people in modern and advanced ways.

The IG Punjab also recommended and directed the team for the implementation of introducing QR codes for E-challan payment ensuring safety and efficacy of the method. he concluded with the remarks that everyone is equal in the eyes of law thereby payment of E-challan is essential for everyone violating the rules.

He directed the departments including the police to ensure the immediate payment and management of all vehicles. How to check E-Challan Lahore? Has been confusion among people. Read out the article below to understand the process of the online method as well as previously used.

ePay Lahore Challan

How to Check E-Challan

The electronic Challan send to the home address of the person violating the rules to the address registered in the vehicle ID. The challan contains all the information about how you violated traffic rules along with the pictures of your car.

However, this method of checking the E-Challan faced some problems in case the cardholder has changed the address mentioned. In some cases, the E-challan didn’t reach the mentioned address owing to any technical issues.

In such cases, the person remained unaware of the fact it has charged them for violating the rules. However, PSCA has made E-Challan check Lahore a lot more convenient now by online method. Check E-Challan Lahore online by the step-by-step information given below.

  1. Open the PSCA website ( if you have not received your E-challan yet at home. You can download the PSCA app as well.
  2. Check your status of a traffic violation by putting the registration number of your vehicle in the space given.
  3. Put your CNIC number in the dialogue box given on the PSCA website portal.
  4. If you have ever violated the traffic rules, your online E-challan will appear in front of your screens.
  5. You can take out the print of the online E-challan.
  6. If it says there is no record found, it means you have not violated the rules.

E-challan Payment

You can pay Electronic challan Lahore by following ways.

Manual E-Challan payment

People can pay challan manually which involves downloading it online from the website of PSCA or its app. Take out the print of your challan and submit it to the National Bank of Punjab (NBP) along with the written amount.

You can also pay the challan by ATM of NBP.

How to Pay E-Challan Lahore Online

However, in a recent meeting, PITB has launched the online method as well as increased the number of banks for submitting the electronic challan. They have launched ePay mobile app for online payment. They have developed it under the instructions of the Finance Department of Punjab.

ePay becomes the first digital aggregator for the public and business to government (P2G and B2G). It involves four channels through which you can pay your E-challans along with other payment options as well.

  • Internet Banking including 28 banks.
  • Over the Counter (OTC) banking transaction involved 28 banks.
  • Mobile Banking involves 23 banks.
  • ATM services involve 21 banks.
  • Other methods of online payment include easy paisa, HBL konnect, jazz cash, TCS, and UBL Omni services.

It unified the system with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) as well as a 1-link across the entire banking network for interconnectivity in Pakistan. You can download the app from google play and the app store.

Payment of E-Challan is necessary as the authorities might cease your vehicle. Safe city Lahore E-Challan has caught the attention of people and many people appreciate it as it provides the comfort of payment at your home, especially during COVID.

E-Challan Map

The article concludes with everything you need to know about PSCA E-Challan Lahore and its latest online payment process. Pay your electronic challans today and follow the rules for a better country.

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