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Gree AC Price in Pakistan 2023 – Latest Gree AC with Specs, Features, and Pictures

The China-based company, Gree is the biggest manufacturer of AC. It has revolutionized this modern world. Their ACs now come with Wi-Fi systems installed to be connected and monitored through your smartphones as well. Gree AC price in Pakistan budget friendly as compared to the features of ACs.

The turbo modes adjust according to the temperature. Gree Pakistan provides the best ACs at reasonable prices.

Gree AC

Best 1-ton Gree AC

Some of the best 1-ton ac are described below with their specifications. Gree 1-ton ac price in Pakistan depends upon the model as well as the specifications.

Gree 1.0 Ton Fairy inverter – 12FITH3

The fairy inverted 1-ton AC comes with a beautiful, curved design and sophisticated champagne finish. This Gree AC is highly energy-efficient providing up to 60% energy saving feature. The AC also has the features of turbo mode, child lock, auto restart, and others.

With its feature of ceiling cooling and floor heating technology, Gree 1.0-ton fairy is highly suitable for a small family. This 1.0-ton inverter is available in grey color as well which is the latest 2021 model.


Features Specs
Capacity 1.0 ton
Inverter Yes
Type Wall mounted
Weight 70 kg
Air flow 3D, 4-way air flow
Input voltage 150 volts
Cooling type Cooling as well as heating
Wi-Fi Supported
Child lock Supported
Energy efficiency Up to 60 percent
Chip State-of-the-Art high-speed DSP
Temperature control Available
Indoor size 1 meter
LED display Hidden and supported
Timer and auto restart supported
Sleep mode Supported
Power factor correction technology Supported, up to 90 percent
Torque control Ultra-low frequency control

Gree 1.0 Ton Fairy inverter

Gree 1-ton split GS-12LMH4L Lomo Series AC

This highly durable split Gree Ac is the best pick at reasonable prices. the AC provides excellent cooling efficiency. If you love complete silence in your room while having rest this 1-ton split GS-12LMH4L is the best option for you.

Its golden fin condenser and shining white finishes provides an elegant touch to your room. The AC needs low voltage to start and is equipped with highly advanced features.


Feature Specs
Cooling power in Ton 1.0 ton
Capacity 12000 BTU
Cooling Fast cooling
Inverter No
Noise disturbance Low noise, highly peaceful
Cold media Supported
Type Wall mounted
Display Hidden LED
Functions Heating and cooling
Low voltage startup 150 volts
Health filters 6 installed
Air flow 4 ways
Compressor Powerful and tropical
Fan speed Multi fan speed
Sleeping mode Comfortable sleeping mode
Panel Removeable and washable
Inner pipe Copper U-type inner groove type
Other features Memory function, self diagnosis, intelligent defrosting, I feel

Gree 1-ton split GS-12LMH4L

Gree GS-12FITH4 Inverter Split 1 Ton AC

This Gree inverter ac adds glam to your room by its efficient and stylish design. The touch of white and golden not only provides the comfort of rest but also enhances the style. The specifications and features of the GS-12FITH4 inverter split are given below.


Features Specs
Cooling power 1.0 ton
Maximum local volume 12000 BTU per hour
Airflow Comfortable air flow
Cooling effect Fast
Cold media Installed
Energy efficiency Highly efficient
Modes Heating and cooling
Voltage 220 to 240 volts
Noise level Low level
Cooling capacity 12000 BTU
Type Wall-mounted
Display LED
Remote control Supported
Power input 1550/1060/220
Ac type Split
Ac technology Inverter
Indoor 1 meter
Other features Fireproof PCB, I-feel, intelligent defrost, ceiling cooling, and floor heating system
Power factor technology 99 percent
Turbo mode and sleep mode Supported
Timer feature Supported
Auto-restart feature Installed
Child lock installed

Gree GS-12FITH4 AC price in Pakistan

Gree best 1.5-ton AC

Gree 1.5-ton Ac is highly suitable for medium-sized families as well as for big rooms and large spaces. Gree 1.5-ton ac price in Pakistan is also reasonable yet depends upon the specifications or models. Some of the best 1.5-ton AC are given below.

GREE Lomo 5 GS 18LM5 AC 1.5-ton

The latest Lomo 5 GS18LM5 has caught the attention of many people with its stylish look and advanced features. This Gree 1.5-ton ac price in Pakistan is expensive yet it is worth buying. The ac is installed with instant turbo heating and cooling technology to warm up or cool down the room in an average of 3 minutes.

The ac is T3 approved and can change the environment immediately. The low voltage startup saves the ac from voltage fluctuations. The sleeping mode and timer enable you to set the temperature and sleep without worrying about setting the temperature during the night.

The specification and features of the ac are given below.


Features Specs
Cooling power 1.5 tons
Cooling capacity 18000 BTU
Voltage 150 low volts startup
Type Wall-mounted
Inverter No
Energy efficiency Highly energy efficient (up to 60% energy saver)
Air flow 4 ways
Cooling effect Fast cooling
Heating system Not installed
Noise level Low
Voltage startup 120 to 260 volts
Modes soft dry operation mode, sleep mode, and cool mode

GREE Lomo 5 GS 18LM5 AC 1.5-ton in Pakistan

Gree 18CITHI 12G- DC Inverter 1.5 Ton

The 18 CITHI 12G comes with a powerful G10 inverter. Its super elegant and shining black finish enhances the aesthetics of your house. This Gree DC inverter AC is also available in silver/white color. The compressor motor works efficiently and saves up to 60 percent of energy.

The double-layer condenser provides efficient cooling and performance. 4-way cooling airflow provides a 3D effect of cooling. The AC consists of self-diagnosing sensors which detect the temperature fluctuations and keep the temperature normal.

Moreover, the airflow direction is upward during the cooling system and downward towards the floor during the heating system maintaining efficient heating and cooling system.


Features Specs
Cooling capacity 1.5 ton
BTU capacity 18000 BTU
Compressor 3500
Low voltage (input) 150 volts
Refrigerant Eco-friendly (R410A)
Energy efficiency 60% saving of energy
Voltage adaption (auto) 150 – 260 volts
Airflow Four ways
Noise control Ultra-low noise control
Type Wall mounted
Display Hidden LED

Gree 18CITHI 12G- DC Inverter 1.5 Ton in Pakistan

Gree GS 18PITH1W Wi-Fi 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

These inverter ACs are the new addition to the Gree inverter air conditioners. The elegant white matte look installed with Wi-Fi and other latest specifications is highly efficient and provides high performance. The AC is equipped with horizontal and vertical airflow features as well as auto-clean technology.

The single panel consists of easy-clean filters. The double air deflectors and seamless design are all you need to make your summers and winters comfortable. The timer, sleep mode, and auto restart reduce your worries and provide trouble-free sleep.


Features Specs
Cooling capacity 1.5 tons
BTU capacity 12000, 18000, and 24000 BTU
Wi-Fi Supported
Low voltage input 150 volts
DSP chip State of the art
Torque control Ultra-low frequency
Fan speed 7
Display Hidden LED
Temperature control Supported
Power factor correction Up to 99%
Other features Child lock, auto restart, turbo mode, sleep mode, timer, health filters, low noise operation, cold plasma generator
Energy efficiency Up to 60%

Gree GS 18PITH1W Wi-Fi 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

Gree 2-ton AC

Some of the best 2-ton air conditioners manufactured by Gree are given below.

Gree Fairy Inverter AC GS-24FITH6G/6C

This new addition to the family of Gree air conditioners comes in shades of grey and champagne. The energy efficiency is highly impressive. When the AC is in cooling mode the airflow is towards the ceiling and when the ac is in heating mode the airflow is towards the floor.

The big 1 meter indoor and temperature control feature provides great performance and efficiency. This Gree 2-ton ac is the latest 2021 model equipped with advanced features and specifications. The ac is 10th generation powerful air conditioner.

The ultra-low frequency control of torque and low voltage startup makes it highly efficient. The power correction technology is provided of up to 99 percent. The other features include a fireproof printed circuit board, intelligent defrost, faster cooling, and heating.

The modes of this 2-ton ac include turbo mode, sleep mode, and comes with a child lock, timer, and auto restart features as well. This Gree inverter ac price in Pakistan is expensive yet worth buying.

Gree Fairy Inverter AC GS-24FITH6G/6C


Feature Specs
Compressor W 5300
Capacity BTU 18000
Refrigerant Eco-friendly (R410A)
Low voltage startup 150 volts
Energy efficiency A-plus. Up to 60 percent energy saving provided
Auto adaption of voltage 150 – 260 volts
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) 6.10
BTU/H cooling Capacity 20131 / 18000 / 5630 (H/S/L)
Output cooling capacity 5900 / 5275 / 1650 (W) (H/S/L)
Cooling Power Input 2200 / 1650 / 420 (W)(H/S/L)
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 3.6
BTU/H heating Capacity 20813 / 18766 / 5459 (H/S/L)
Output heating Capacity 6100 / 5500 / 1600 (W) (H/S/L)
Power Input (W)(H/S/L) 2500 / 1500 / 420

Gree G10 Inverter 2 Ton GS-24CITH2/2G Split AC

This 2-ton ac comes in two shades of grey and black. It is also equipped with the latest G10 technologies including Precise Temperature and wide frequency Controls, ultra-low noise prevention, ultra-low frequency, and torque control.

The ac provides the option of dual installation and fireproof electric box, turbo cooling, 3 sleep curves, and a 4-way outlet.

Gree G10 Inverter 2 Ton GS-24CITH2/2G Split AC


Feature Specs
Capacity (BTU) 2400
Compressor 7034 W
Auto voltage adaptation 150 to 260 volts
Cooling output capacity 7000
Heating output capacity 8200
Power input 2700

Gree AC Price in Pakistan

The Gree AC price in Pakistan is mentioned below.

Gree AC Price
Gree 1.0 Ton Fairy inverter – 12FITH3 PKR 85,999
Gree 1-ton split GS-12LMH4L Lomo Series AC PKR 57,999
Gree GS-12FITH4 Inverter Split 1 Ton AC PKR 83,900
GREE Lomo 5 GS 18LM5 AC 1.5-ton PKR 103,900
Gree 18CITHI 12G- DC Inverter 1.5 Ton PKR 90,000
Gree GS 18PITH1W Wifi 1.5 Ton Inverter AC PKR 115,900
Gree Fairy Inverter AC GS-24FITH6G/6C PKR 167,900
Gree G10 Inverter 2 Ton GS-24CITH2/2G Split AC PKR 123,500

The article concludes with the best Gree air conditioners.

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