Tuesday, June 6, 2023


eBay, the world’s second-largest eCommerce Marketplace has been oversighted in Pakistan by a lot of eCommerce training organizations. Pakistanis should also focus world’s second-largest eCommerce marketplace with a GMV of $ 87 Bn and must plan to generate a global impact in eBay freelancing services, sales of Pakistani products especially raw gemstones, leather products, sports items, Damascus steel products, and many other hidden treasures of Pakistan on eBay.

Qasim Sana Ramay, founder and CEO of Empowerers  (https://empowerers.co/ ), an ambitious young man, is doing all this. He is leading an ecosystem of eBay in Pakistan right from quality training to empowering a high-quality eBay freelancing workforce through his students and also sourcing Pakistani products (especially gemstones) to availability of Fulfillment Center (pick, pack, ship) services of these products.

While talking to the correspondent of Startup Pakistan at the “Connected Pakistan Conference (CPC22)” he shared his vision about the Empowerment of Pakistanis on eBay:
“We want to make people inflation-proof, no matter how much prices are increasing in the country they should be inflation-proof, and the solution to this is “Start earning in Dollars”, and that should be at least equivalent to PKR 100,000”.

To another question, he replied: “We need to work on the mindset of our people, this is the main challenge that many of them are not ready for the hard work, and eCommerce, like any other business, requires hard work, and that too after a “Structured Learning”. Without proper learning and skill acquisition, you will waste most of your time, energy, and resources. Our people have to understand if they want to drive a car on a highway, first, they need to learn it step by step, otherwise, the chances of an accident are very high.”

On a question about what type of training are you providing, he replied: “We are offering zoom-based online eBay training on live eBay accounts. If you can spare just 2 hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from 8 to 10 pm, you can learn eBay in just 2 months and this Zoom-based training starts every second month. This is supervised, very aggressive, detailed and resulted oriented training backed by a team of trainers which keeps providing the guidance and support to the students”. This training is starting this Monday, Nov 14, 2022.

When asked about the subsidized or free training of eBay for deserving people, he replied:

“Widows, divorced females, females of ex-FATA/ Baluchistan (other than Quetta), transgenders, families of Martyrs (Shuhadas), injured of emergency services or law enforcement agencies, can get our detailed recorded training for free. Other people who have the quest of learning eBay can watch our free training program on eBay at our youtube channel ( https://Empowerers.co/youtube ). If they want to ask for any guidance on eBay, they can ask in our Facebook group ( https://empowerers.co/group ) where our senior group experts and seniors keep guiding new people. We have left no excuse for our people to learn eBay.”

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