Monday, July 22, 2024

easypaisa VISA Card: Super-Fast Transactions within Seconds!

easypaisa has revolutionized digital payments in Pakistan. Taking a step further, easypaisa has released a Visa Debit Card to its millions of customers nationwide. The customer. With an easypaisa Visa Debit Card, the customer can withdraw funds from any of the 16,000 ATMs across the nation. Additionally, the customer will be allowed to make payments at any of the 90,000+ card-accepting POS merchants. The other attraction includes 16,000+ locations and a QR code. Online card integration, with the VISA Online card coming soon.

easypaisa’s vision rests on innovation and creativity. Aiming for a cashless and financially inclusive society, the easypaisa, a Visa Debit Card, rests on NFC technology, allowing customers to make payments simply by tapping the card against the merchants’ POS. Moreover, to make it secure chip-reading the terminal will be used. Customers can order by accessing the easypaisa app or dialing the USSD channel *786#. In the last 30 days alone, their platform has attracted more than 14 million customers across Android and iOS devices.

easypaisa has given freedom, security, and comfort to ordinary people. Similarly, easypaisa Visa Debit Card will greatly impact the customer and how they approach their financial transaction. It is the beginning of an inspiring journey that will transform the digital payments landscape in Pakistan.

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