Sunday, July 21, 2024

PTA Claims Pakistan’s Mobile Internet is Faster than India & other Asian Countries

Pakistan has the second-highest average mobile broadband speed in the region, according to a PTA document. The study states that Pakistan has a higher average mobile broadband download speed than other nations in the region, at 20.84 Mbps.

For instance, India’s average mobile broadband download speed is 19.57 Mbps, whereas in Bangladesh it is 16.33 Mbps. With an average mobile broadband download speed of 20.90 Mbps, Sri Lanka leads South Asia. Nepal’s average download speed is 20.60 Mbps, which is a little slower than Pakistan’s.

Currently, 3G and 4G mobile signals reach 78% and 75% of Pakistan’s population, respectively. The authority further says that the price of 1 GB of data in Pakistan has been further reduced to 0.58% of gross national income per capita, far below the recommendations of the UN Broadband Commission.

According to the document, the PTA established a target of 51% broadband penetration by June 2022 and 55% by June 2023 in its performance agreement with the Prime Minister’s Office. In July 2022, the authority successfully attained 55% broadband penetration.

A target of 80% internet penetration by 2025 and 90% broadband penetration by 2030 has been set under the National Broadband Policy 2021.
Under this programme, targets have been set for average internet speeds of more than 30 Mbps and a 50% decrease in the cost per gigabyte.

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